Source: CD Media Staff

Election integrity advocates have made tremendous progress in pushing the Georgia court system to rule favorably on their demands for a forensic audit of mail-in ballots in Fulton County, GA, the epicenter of the massive election fraud during the 2020 general election and the subsequent U.S. Senate runoff on Jan 5th of this year.

County worker Ruby Freeman famously was caught on surveillance camera scanning ballots multiple times in the middle of the night, after all GOP workers were told to leave. Analysts estimate 30-40k ballots were counterfeit.

However, this GA audit progress may be for naught if Fulton County employees are allowed to engage in nefarious behavior to destroy accurate results of the coming ballot scan. The next hearing is scheduled on June 21st for Judge Amero in Henry County to rule on a path forward, after Fulton County shockingly hired criminal defense attorneys to stop the process.

Judge Amero has ruled the process must be handled using county employees per his understanding of election law (a subject we will revisit in another article).

CDMedia has spoken to several analysts who provided the following probable strategy by Fulton to ‘screw up the process’ and stop the plaintiffs in their tracks trying to uncover proof of obvious criminal activity.

1 – Fulton County lied to the court regarding the size of the room available to scan the ballots per their communications to the court. Those involved in the proceeds told CDM the room provided by the county is 50% smaller than advertised, an obvious technique to harm facilitation of the audit and slow the results.

2 – Expect the county to require ‘time and half’ overtime for the county employees involved to raise costs on the plaintiffs.

3 – Expect the county to label the audits ‘stressful activity’ and therefore shorten the work day of county employees involved to 4 hours, there injecting serious delay into the process.

4 – Expect the county to eventually label the process ‘hazardous duty’ and therefore require 2x pay for the work, again raising costs on the plaintiffs.

5 – Expect the county to be negligent in providing instructions to the workers, therefore injecting more confusion and time delays into the process.

The goal of the county in covering up criminal behavior will be to make the audit run out of time, and money to proceed.