Source: Dylan Gwinn

The internet gets a lot of criticism, but what dozens of social media users did to LeBron James on Wednesday is truly great.

A thread began forming on Wednesday afternoon, in which Twitter users shared their favorite lies told by LeBron James. Granted, cataloging all the different lies told by one of the most notorious liars in recent memory is a daunting task. But, if you take the time to read through these tweets, I think you’ll find they did a great job.

And, they did a great service.

Of course, a great place to start is LeBron’s grotesque and obvious photo-op with the Malcolm X book that he clearly did not read.

One might also find LeBron’s lies about not being a flopper especially funny. Considering he is perhaps the worst flopper in the history of basketball or history.

This is also weird. Why even lie about calling Kobe’s 80-point game?

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