Source: Paul Gottfried

It was widely believed, and not without evidence, that the media, Big Tech, and other Democratic actors were pushing Biden into the White House with the hope that he could be replaced if certain developments occurred — that is, if his failing mental condition or corrupt past made his continued occupation of the Oval Office problematic. Certainly, there has been abundant evidence that Biden’s mental lapses and incoherent speech patterns have grown worse since his election. Further, incriminating information about the illegal behavior of Joe’s son Hunter and his own deep involvement in Hunter’s financial dealings with foreign government keeps popping up, no matter how hard Democratic lapdogs in the media work to suppress such revelations. One might think the other player in what Biden himself has described as a “co-presidency” would be rapidly moving forward in media-induced public attention as a successor in the near or middle term. Why have the media failed to sell Kamala Harris to their viewers as someone ready to jump into Joe’s shoes, if his advancing debilitation required it?

There are two obvious reasons for this failure. One, Kamala Harris was an affirmative action pick for the second spot on the Democratic ticket, who has failed to blossom into something more. She has not shown herself to be a leader or even particularly intelligent. She rose to high office accidentally, as the mistress of a onetime powerful legislative leader in California (who is black and Democratic). She also luckily came from a racially mixed parentage with a Marxist revolutionary academic father, and she made all the obligatory noise on certain social issues. Every time Kamala is required to say something intelligent or statesmanlike, however, she reverts to teenage giggling and pulls out the usual shtick about prejudice and racism. Of course, who can blame her? It is this nonsense that allowed her to win the number-two spot on Biden’s ticket, as a vocal, corporeal representative of several designated minorities (aka victim groups).

Joe, however, stays in office and is likely to remain there through his present term for reasons beyond the silliness of his number two. No matter how disastrously his administration performs, he remains enormously popular with the public.  According to Rasmussen, which seems to be a reliable poll, Biden’s popularity has been hovering at around 50%. Regardless of how much inflation Joe has generated, regardless of his attempts to impose black racist teachings on both the military and educational system while persecuting Trump voters, and regardless of his efforts to create an energy shortage to please his climate-change constituency, while keeping the Southern border overrun with illegals and drug cartels, our president resonates with half of the electorate. This support exceeds what may be described as the permanent political Left.

 Joe’s continued popularity is partly attributable to the success of the media in depicting a grubby machine politician as a sweet fellow, who remains the soul of moderation. Among Joe’s accomplishments is not being Donald Trump, whom the media savaged unceasingly for more than four years. But Joe is also a tragic figure, whose wife and child died in a car crash and who lost another son to cancer. If Biden’s son Hunter gets out of hand in an adolescent way (in his fifties), neither Joe nor Hunter is responsible. When negative stories about them surfaced before the election, the media blamed these “unverified” reports on the scheming Vladimir. Moreover, it seems that Joe and Hunter live in the shadow of a tragedy that forever hangs over them. It makes no difference whether Hunter lied on gun applications, uses the N-word repeatedly, refers to Asians as “yellows,” is caught sniffing drugs, or abandoned his girlfriend and child born out of wedlock. The electronic media will cancel those who notice these apparent peccadillos. Besides, Hunter was “motherless,” when he committed such acts. This is how the media at an earlier time disguised the enormities committed by Teddy Kennedy. The sins of politicians identified with the Left can always be ascribed to “personal tragedies,” and some people, unfortunately, gobble this up. By contrast, the loss of Trump’s beloved brother to alcoholism was not a tragedy but probably the effect of his being related to a successor to Hitler.

Presumably, the modern-day Job in the White House will stay there, regardless of what happens to make his administration look bad. Others in his party may be less lucky. Democratic officeholders could take a drubbing in 2022 unless Democrats in the Senate can nationalize elections and thereby enhance their opportunity to commit massive fraud. Biden may end up like Obama, remaining personally popular while his party loses elections. After all, congressional and state races center on candidates who run on issues that are close to the voters. But Biden’s manifest bumbling incompetence on the national stage is not about to bring him down.