Source: Patty McMurray

As part of her April 9, 2020, executive order, Michigan’s unpopular Governor Gretchen Whitmer banned travel for Michigan residents between their primary home and vacation homes. At the same time, with no scientific evidence to back up her decision, Whitmer forbade Michigan citizens from enjoying their motorboats in the Great Lakes state.

From 100 Percent Fed Up – The moment the highly criticized governor lifted her order on the use of motorboats, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s husband tried to cut ahead of other MI residents with a local dock company to get their boat placed in the water before other citizens who were waiting in line. When 100 Percent Fed Up broke the story, Whitmer laughed it off, saying her husband was just making a joke. We spoke with the owner of the dock company, who assured us that her husband was NOT making a joke.

Almost exactly one year later, she was caught traveling to Florida on a private jet while telling Michigan citizens to “Stay home and stay safe!” as a way to prevent spreading or contracting COVID.

Yep…you heard it right. Even before the Wuhan pandemic hit the state of Michigan, the iron-fisted Democrat Governor wasn’t coming into the official governor’s office in Lansing.

Gretchen Whitmer either has the worst work ethic of any governor in America, or she simply believes she’s above working in the office space where every governor before her worked.

Watch John Clure of US Against The Media capture footage of the security guard working in the lobby of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office telling him that she hasn’t been in her office for 2-3 years.

In September 2020, Charlie Kirk called out MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer for building a $1.1 million wall around her Michigan mansion. The funding for the wall around her home came from the  MI taxpayer-funded executive office budget. Did MI taxpayers have to pay for the wall around Whitmer’s home so she could work from home and avoid having to go into her taxpayer-funded office where other low-level state employees are forced to go every day?

When will MI taxpayers demand that their Democrat governor start acting like a public servant and not a queen?