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Tucker Carlson joined House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in calling for a probe into his claims that the NSA allegedly spies on his texts and emails – which the agency has firmly denied.

Carlson spoke on his Fox News show Wednesday to say that he does not make the claim lightly after McCarthy, the top House Republican, said he supports a Congressional investigation into the NSA.

‘Nobody wants to go on TV and say “the government is spying on me”. You sound like a lunatic. Except when it’s true, and of course it is true,’ Carlson said.

‘It’s not just this show. They are spying on a lot of people and they should stop because it’s illegal.’

He added: ‘Yesterday, we had a long conversation with the National Security Agency. We got a statement out of them. They effectively conceded “Yes, we read your emails”. They have some justification for it.’

‘But it’s not justified. It never is except in cases where national security is threatened. Nothing we did would ever threaten national security, period.’

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