Source: B.K. House

Not only am I brave, I’m braver than any military veteran who has ever served.”

All dressed up with nowhere to go but unfortunately plenty to say, this trans-fool has a laughably skewed idea of what it means to be brave.

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The young man, clad in a Navy and white polka-dot dress seemingly believes making tik-tok videos from his bedroom is an exercise in unparalleled bravery. It’s not nearly as funny as it is pathetic when he claims to be braver than any military veteran that has ever served; …the Marines, the Army, the Navy, any of them. He doubles down saying he would love someone to convince him otherwise.

The most brutal thing about the video is that while it’s most likely posted as a joke for clicks, in today’s twisted world we can’t be confident that that’s the case. And that in itself is the saddest part of this story.