Source:  Ben Zeisloft

Jeff Bezos gave CNN commentator Anthony “Van” Jones and celebrity chef José Andrés $100 million each for the charities of their choice.

In the moments after his successful Blue Origin rocket launch on Tuesday, Bezos — who is presently worth nearly $204 billion — revealed the creation of a new charity initiative.

Fox Business reports:

In a surprise at the end of a media conference following his successful trip to sub-orbital space, the Amazon and Blue Origin founder unveiled his new “Courage and Civility Award,” which he said “recognizes leaders who aim high and who pursue solutions with courage and who always do so with civility.” Recipients receive $100 million to give away to charities or non-profits of their choice, and Bezos said awardees may direct all the funds to their own non-profits or “spread the wealth” to other organizations.

At his announcement, Bezos called Jones on stage, honoring the criminal justice reform advocate and Dream Corps founder as the first awardee.

“Sometimes dreams come true,” Jones said as he addressed the crowd in an emotional acceptance speech. He added, “If this small group of people can make miracles happen in outer space, a bigger group of people can make miracles happen down here, and we’re going to do it.”

Despite Bezos’ assertion that Van Jones pursues solutions with civility, the commentator famously alleged that Donald Trump’s electoral win in 2016 was a “whitelash” against a “changing country.”