Source: Nworeport

Russian Justice of the Peace Section No. 422 of Moscow’s Tagansky District will hear a case against What’s App on Aug 26 for violating Russian law requiring Western technology companies to host customer data on Russian soil.

“The review of the protocol in respect of WhatsApp prepared under Part 8, Art. 13.11 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses (failure of the operator when gathering personal data to perform the responsibility of ensuring recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification or retrieval of personal data of Russian citizens, stipulated by Russian laws) is scheduled for August 26. The maximum punishment under the given article is a fine amounting to 6 mln rubles ($82,000),” the Court said, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

Last week, the justice of the peace court fined Google 3 mln rubles ($41,000) for its refusal to localize the data of its users in Russia.

The Kremlin has cracked down on globalist instruments of power from NGOs, to social media, to encrypted apps as it tries to remove tools the West uses in attempts to bring down the current Kremlin government. Of course, Moscow also is reducing freedoms for ordinary Russians in the process.