Former Young Turks contributor also complained about censorship faced by those who attempt to expose vaccine side effects.

Source: Adan Salazar

Comedian Jimmy Dore described side effects he’s experiencing more than four months after being injected with two doses of Moderna’s experimental Covid jab.

Speaking to Joe Rogan last week, Dore justified why he got the jab despite a general distrust of the establishment, explaining, “People are like, ‘Why [did you take it]? You trust the government?’ No I don’t trust the government. ‘You trust Big Pharma?’ No, I don’t trust Big Pharma, I trust my doctor.”

Dore described how he and others he knows who took the jab experienced similar symptoms post-vaccination; however, his symptoms have never fully gone away.

“So I had body aches, flu-like fever, joint aches, body pain. I had a stiff neck,” Dore said, adding he also experienced “waves of exhaustion.”

The former Young Turks contributor also complained about the censorship faced by those who attempt to expose or speak about vaccine side effects.

“I tweeted just to let everybody know, ‘Hey, this is my reaction to the vaccine,’ and…people started to come [at] me and call me like, ‘Anti-vax.’ I’m like, ‘No, I got the vax, I got it.’ When people have a reaction to an experimental vaccine that is not FDA approved you’re supposed to not suppress the reaction, you’re supposed to ask people what the reactions are so we can make the vaccines better.”

Dore later said he takes medication to treat brain inflammation, which he says he now has as a result of the spike proteins contained in the vaccine.

Brain inflammation discussion at 8:05

Dore’s vaccine injury admissions on The Joe Rogan Show come after he documented the symptoms on his podcast in June, where he claimed a cardiologist told him of other patients experiencing similar vaccine-related side effects.