Denver7 News Channel last night ran a segment on the Mesa County Clerk’s office, the leaked Dominion passwords, and the response from Secretary of State Jena Griswold to the scandal.

On Tuesday night a whistleblower was slated to reveal irrefutable evidence proving the 2020 presidential stolen at 7 pm CST at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium.

The whistleblower and Mesa County Colorado Clerk Tina Peters had her office raided on her way over to the symposium.

She spoke about her horrific ordeal during the symposium last night.

The whistleblower leaked documents to Ron Watkins, CodeMonkeyZ, last week before the planned Lindell Symposium. The Gateway Pundit reported on this leaked information last week.

Secretary of State Griswold said the video released last week was from May 25th when the county was updating its election systems. Griswold accused the Mesa County Clerk’s office of leaking the Dominion passwords.

The Channel7 report is very revealing. Secretary of State Griswold, who is pushing open-fraudulent elections in the state, was interviewed by 7News and alleged the Dominion machine passwords were leaked by the County Clerk’s office and posted online. Last night during the symposium Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters told the audience her office NEVER had the Dominion machine passwords.

Obviously, there is much more to be revealed.

The Gateway Pundit was mentioned by News Channel7 in their report. Dominion’s Legal Counsel Stephen Shackelford was interviewed. According to Channel7 Dominion says “it doesn’t allow remote access.”