FRANKFURT, Germany: Thousands of Germans may have received Covid vaccinations that were only saline solution.

Authorities in northern Germany have asked up to 8,000 Germans to schedule another COVID-19 vaccine shot, after police announced that a Red Cross nurse might have injected them with saline solution.

The nurse worked at a vaccination centre in Friesland, a rural district near the North Sea coast.

“I am totally shocked,” said local councillor Sven Ambrosy on Facebook, as authorities said 8,600 residents may have received the saline.

Though saline solution is harmless, it is feared that elderly residents not receiving Covid vaccines have been placed at risk.

During a news conference, police investigator Peter Beer said the initial review of witness statements indicates there was “a reasonable suspicion of danger.”

The nurse has not been identified. However, officials said she had posted statements on social media indicating her being skeptical about Covid vaccines.

It is not known whether the nurse has been arrested or charged.