Source: Breitbart

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) blasted President Joe Biden after “finally” addressing the “worst foreign policy disaster in decades” caused by a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“After six days of silence, President Biden finally addressed the worst foreign policy disaster in decades,” McCarthy emphasized since Biden only came back Monday for a short few hours to give a speech before retreating back to the Camp David.

The Republican leader explained that Biden’s “remarks did not answer any questions about the disastrous troop withdrawal that has failed to protect American citizens” in addition to putting “thousands of American troops in harm’s way” since more troops had to be sent back to Afghanistan.

Biden’s mistake “heightened the threat of terrorism around the world.” However, McCarthy’s statement was clear that “Biden is right about one thing: the buck stops with him.”

“[Biden] owes the American people a cohesive plan to get every American out of Afghanistan immediately and safely, target terrorists wherever they seek refuge, and secure our border,” McCarthy demanded.

“President Biden’s poor judgment produced the worst possible outcome in Afghanistan in only a matter of weeks. He has done long-term damage to America’s credibility and our capabilities,” the Republican leader clarified.