Roadside digital billboard red-pilling more Americans on Biden’s monumental failure.

Source: Nworeport

Video billboards in Wilmington, North Carolina, displayed memes mocking Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, which saw a violent overthrow of the capitol city of Kabul by Taliban insurgents.

The two meme images, displayed on a digital billboard off Eastwood Road, appeared over the weekend after the fall of Afghanistan.

One meme shows Biden wearing a stupefied expression while eating ice cream, as a Chinook helicopter transports people off the roof of the US Afghanistan embassy behind him.

Another image features Biden pulling down window blinds to peer outside, emblematic of how the supposed US leader took a vacation and ran and hid at Camp David as the crisis escalated.

Many on social media questioned the authenticity of the billboards, prompting one man to head to Eastman Road and prove the signs were indeed real.

It’s unclear who’s behind the hilarious billboards