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  • U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have released a video taken from the phone of a  human trafficker showing shocking conditions inside a migrant ‘stash house’
  • It shows dozens of undocumented immigrants crammed inside the house in Laredo, Texas, in shocking conditions
  • A smuggler complained about how small the hideout was and that his associate refused to provide him the key to another home in the area
  • CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said that housing so many migrants in one place could lead to a COVID-19 outbreak 

Video footage from a human trafficker’s confiscated phone showed the harrowing conditions dozens of undocumented immigrants were exposed to inside a Texas border town ‘stash house’.

 Dozens of migrants are seen lying on the floor of the house in Laredo, Texas, before they were discovered by Border Patrol agents and local police.    

The shocking video was shared Wednesday by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan.

A smuggler spans his cellphone’s camera through the house, showing several migrants lying on the floor next to each other in the kitchen and living room while a few others are spotted asleep on couches.

The man goes on to complain about the lack of attention he’s gotten from one of his associates and blasted the lack of space inside the residence. 

‘Hey, I find myself needing another warehouse that I’ve been telling him about,’ the man behind the video says. ‘This is how all the people are now, look.’\

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