Source: JD’s

AP Photo/Evan Vucci As horrific images reminiscent of Saigon 1975 continue in Afghanistan, Vice President Kamala Harris has been missing in action.

Earlier this year, she often stood awkwardly behind President Joe Biden for speeches, but not Monday during his defiant diatribe. When the White House released the now-infamous Sunday photo of Biden sitting alone at Camp David, Harris was only among the president’s on-screen virtual advisors.

It’s likely that the historically unpopular vice president hopes to (selfishly) distance herself from the catastrophic withdrawal , of which even friendly media has been critical , while more partisan voices call for impeachment .

“Harris, who ran aggressively against Biden for the Democratic Party’s 2020 nomination, has been eager as vice president to be seen as loyal, while at the same time sharing in the administration’s successes to pave the way for another potential run at the top job,” a lengthy Los Angeles Times analysis noted this week.

Four months ago, however, after the president ordered our ignominious surrender abroad, she boasted of being the last person in the room before Biden made his fatal decision.

“I carry a great, great sense of responsibility, if not the seriousness of the responsibility, to be in this position […]