Feds warned of anti-government attacks.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Less than a week after the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin saying that anti-government extremists angry at COVID measures could be preparing attacks, DC and New York were both hit with bomb scares.

Last Friday, the DHS warned that there was a “heightened” risk of attacks carried out by domestic extremists motivated by their opposition to lockdown measures and anti-government sentiment.

Earlier today, a man from North Carolina parked a truck outside the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill and began telling authorities that the vehicle contained an explosive device.

The man began filming a Facebook livestream explaining how he was a an ex-serviceman, but the social media site quickly removed the video.

In a video of the man’s statements posted to Twitter, the suspect rambles about wanting to speak to Joe Biden while threatening, “If you shoot me, 2 and a half blocks are going with me.”

According to Andrea Mitchell, the man has a criminal history and has expressed “anti-government views.”