Edible nuggets something out of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset dystopia.

Source: Nworeport

A startup company is taking a page out of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset by promoting a food alternative similar to something out of a science fiction movie.

Squareat, a “food tech” startup company based out of Miami Beach, Florida, developed food in the form of molded square patties during the COVID lockdowns.

“Our food comes in squares as a result of a special preparation process. Each square is made of a single primary ingredient plus natural aromas (20+ recipes). Our proprietary process results in no loss of nutrients during cooking nor storage,” the company’s fundraising webpage states.

These squares, the company says, are ready-to-eat but can be heated up in the microwave or frying pan.

“A gourmet, innovative 50g square that provides all the nutrients without any additives. Tasty, healthy, affordable and ready to eat,” the Squareat website states.

Some of the products include chicken squares, broccoli squares, asparagus squares, seabass squares, sweet potato squares, burger squares, quinoa squares, and choco pancake squares.

“Thanks to our innovative and proper food preparation process based on low temperature cooking and thermal shocking we are able to preserve all nutrients and extend food life: the product does not stay fresh just for the next couple of days but up to 4 weeks!”

Though the ad was released in June, popular YouTube commentator Shoe0nHead brought renewed attention to the product.

“I will not eat the squares,” she tweeted, in a spinoff of “I will not eat the bugs,” a rallying cry against the WEF’s Great Reset agenda to get humanity off of meat in the name of fighting climate change.

“Insect farming is set to play a growing role in our lives — especially in our diets,” the WEF stated in a bug promo from March. “They are rich in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, and can be farmed at scale with minimal footprint.”