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Eatonville, Washington : A 15-yr-old Eatonville girl was forced to give up her right to privacy as a condition to play volleyball on her high school’s team. Without approval from her parents, the young girl has been wearing a tracking device on her ankle that allows the school to track her every movement. She agreed to wear the ankle bracelet that sends out an alarm when she violates social distancing rules because she wanted to play volleyball for her school.

The TraceTag tracking device used by the school was made by a company called Triax . According to their website, an alarm will notify the user if they violate social distancing rules. The main device of Proximity Trace, the TraceTag™ , is affixed to any hardhat or worn on the body for proximity detection and contact tracing. Together we can keep people safer by maintaining social distances in the workplace and help support organizations’ strategies for getting back to work. Being able to properly comply with social distancing guidelines is critical to containing and slowing the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, having a log of all worker interactions for contact tracing, in the event that a worker is diagnosed with COVID-19, […]