Source: B.K. House

An angry Afghan man shreds the incompetent American “president” for his pathetic troop withdrawal debacle in Afghanistan.

He points to two small children who’ve been separated from their parents as the entire country stampedes to get to the airport and catch a flight out of the Taliban-controlled country.

It isn’t clear from the video how the parents and the children became separated or what it is that separates them. What IS clear is who the people are blaming for the debacle.

Mr. Biden, you did this, you planned this, you made a deal with the Taliban. 

You were against Trump, now we are against you!

Go to Hell Biden!

The party that’s been celebrating Joe Biden’s undoing of every Trump policy and accomplishment now laughably try to claim that Joe Biden followed through with Trump’s Afghan troop withdrawal plan verbatim:

Conservatives aren’t going to let a rabid liar get the last word: