Source: Leisa Audette

Biden’s Secretary of State couldn’t be more delusional…

During Anthony Blinken’s latest speech, he implicated that the Biden regime provided a “responsible end” to the 20-year war in Afghanistan. If this is a responsible end, it’s frightening to think of anything less. The bar is low for these Biden regime members.

Anthony Blinken also said the so-called “responsible end” of the war would make sure that “Afghanistan can never again become a haven for terrorists. This statement is unbelievable considering the US just abandoned BILLIONS in weapons that were literally handed over to the Taliban when American troops first withdrew from Afghanistan. ISIS-K and the Taliban are BOTH evil and dangerous terrorist groups who have a common desire to destroy America. If Blinken thinks for one moment that now that the U.S. has departed, there hasn’t been a vacuum for terrorists to swarm Afghanistan, he’s even more clueless than we thought.

The three things he mentions during the comments below are all failures…

Victor Davis Hansen has a great take on this disaster:

A great take on a truly ‘humiliating’ moment in American history.