The letter sent to journalist Emily Miller is both heartbreaking and infuriating.

Source: David Patterson

As bad as things seem to be in Kabul based on the news reports we’re seeing from mainstream media, reality on the ground is far worse. And as bad as the Biden regime seems to be handling the whole situation, they’re actually doing more to cause harm to Americans than mainstream media is reporting.

Private groups have been attempting to rescue as many Americans and allies as possible because the Biden regime seems unwilling to do enough. These groups of retired military personnel and special operators are not receiving assistance from the U.S. Military. In fact, many reports have come in that the Biden regime is actually hampering their efforts to save Americans.

An email posted by a coordinator for one of the groups was sent to independent journalist Emily Miller. In it, the truths about the roadblocks being erected by the Biden regime are partially revealed.

Here it is in its entirety with minor edits for formatting:

Fellow Americans — we need a significant movement to take place to save the poor Afghan people and stranded American citizens.

There are several groups of retired special operations guys and other veterans who have gathered significant private funding and moved lots of assets to begin rescuing people from Afghanistan since our Government refuses to do their job. These groups have sent private planes into Kabul and been told they could not.

They have shuttled busses of American citizens to the Kabul airport and have been told to leave and that the were not allowed to fly out.

Some of these other groups have been granted access to fly into neighboring countries to launch tactical flights to recover personnel just to have the @StateDept come behind them and shut the door.

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The U.S. Government has given rosters with the names of all our Afghan partners and American citizens to the Taliban, saying “we did it so the Taliban would allow them in.” We all know that’s not the real reason, and who would be that stupid anyway!

The stats they are pushing on the news are false. There are many more American citizens who want to escape but have no option because our own government keeps halting all actions.

We who are trying to save these people have run into roadblock after roadblock.

Everyone can understand that this is an embarrassment to the current administration but that’s no reason to stop these valiant acts of selfless service.

If you believe in the sanctity of human life then you need to make your voice heard as loud as possible.

This is the worst disaster in American history and being magnified by this pure evil attempt to stop the actions of those who truly care. This must stop!

The only way to put and end to this is if everyone will band together and make your voice heard in person and through every platform available. Go to your State Capitols! Call every politician you know!

Let them know this entire @JoeBiden admin needs to be removed from the top down, including @SecDef, @thejointstaff, @SecBlinken and everyone else involved in this despicable coverup that will cost the lives of many Americans, and our loyal Afghan partners! -Ret. Special Ops” #

Why is the Biden regime turning its back on thousands of Americans? Why are they actively subverting efforts by patriots to save the Americans our government is leaving behind?