Source:  Jordan Conradson

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers was lighting Twitter up this morning after Seth Keshel and Liz Harris made an appearance on Bannon’s War Room to present their canvass findings and estimates. 

Rogers shared some of the statistics that former Army intelligence Captain Seth Keshel shared with her.

Stats from the canvass sent to me by @SKeshel

TRENDING: BREAKING – HUGE: Results of Canvassing in Arizona Released – ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED

*canvassed two precincts fully & large sections of precincts throughout the county. Interviewed more voters than 75% of towns/cities in America have residents. Sample falls within 95% scientific accuracy for extrapolations. 

1) Votes Lost of Stolen – not recorded at county level – 173,104 – suggests a large swap-out, discarding, or over-scrutinization of votes, perhaps why it took 10 days to finalize election in Arizona? Similar findings from Matt Braynard’s studies in AZ.2) Ghost (Phantom) votes – non-existent voters with votes recorded – 96,389 – 1 out of 20 interviewed identified at least one phantom voter registered to their address.3) Voting method does not match official record – Est. 30,000 Examples: *Did not vote, but vote recorded *Voted in person, but mail-in vote recorded instead4) Liz proposes legislative action5) 173,104 voted but not record + 96,389 ghost + 30,000 method299,493 IMPACTED VOTES = 1/7th of the 2.089mm total, and this is the low-end estimate. CONCLUSION: ELECTION IN MARICOPA MUST BE DECERTIFIED The Biden Regime and the local government officials who stole the elections are appalled by the idea of a canvass because it will PROVE a fraudulent election.

AZ State Representative and Candidate for Secretary of State also called to decertify the election after this bombshell was released.

Everybody in the country can visit to participate in the digital canvass and find out if their vote was truly counted.

Arizona needs to decertify immediately!