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As the California recall election looms, Hollywood’s leftist celebrities have gone on the offensive to attack Republican frontrunner Larry Elder.

Elder is the most likely candidate to replace Democrat Gavin Newsom as California governor should the recall effort succeed, according to recent polls.

In response, a host of Hollywood stars are voicing their opinion on the looming September 14 election.

However, rather than simply expressing their support for Newsom, they’re directly attacking Elder.

One of the most pointed critiques of the radio host came from anti-Trump actor Alec Baldwin, who called him “a dangerous idiot.”

“And I mean Trump level dangerous. Vote no on the recall,” added Baldwin, whose wife pretends to be Spanish.

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hollywood celebrities are rushing to protect their beloved democrat governor  gavin newsom
Hollywood celebrities are rushing to protect their beloved Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom

Actor and comedian D.L Hughley made a comment about Elder and his fellow Republican candidate, Caitlyn Jenner, that would almost certainly have brought mass censure from the rest of his industry if he were a conservative.

Said Hughley, “So the best the GOP could do in the California recall is #CaitlynJenner and #LarryElder???

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“One is famous for losing her D**k, and the other is famous for being one! #NoOnCARecall!”

Though Elder has revealed that he is fully vaccinated, he opposes mandates, leading comedian Billy Eichner to accuse him of being “anti-vax.”

“Just voted in CA! Early voting starts today! (My ballot never came so I went in person),” Eichner tweeted on September 4.

He continued, “Get out there and vote NO on the recall if ur in CA or else we’ll have an anti-vaxx Trump supporter running CA!”

Some celebs are reportedly biding their time until the last minute to attack Elder. According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, rapper Snoop Dogg has promised the Newsom campaign that he will publicly criticize Elder to his 19+ million Twitter followers and is just “waiting for the right moment.”

Other Hollywood heavy-hitters are content to let their money do the talking.

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings reportedly donated $3 million to the Newsom campaign. Not to be outdone, DreamWorks founder and former Disney chief Jeffrey Katzenberg hosted a Zoom fundraising event that drew a host of notable names, including Rob Reiner and TV executive Byron Allen, that added another million to Newsom’s coffers.

Directors Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams have also reportedly donated big bucks to keep Newsom in office.

alec baldwin slammed larry elder as  a dangerous idiot     and i mean trump level dangerous
Alec Baldwin slammed Larry Elder as ‘a dangerous idiot’ – ‘And I mean Trump level dangerous’

That said, Elder does have a few stars in his camp, including Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood.

Elder tweeted on August 10 that he had officially received the four-time Oscar winner’s endorsement, saying “Clint Eastwood just contacted me with a message of his support.

“A shout out to Mr. Eastwood. You made my day.”

Eastwood isn’t the only tough guy backing the “Sage of South Central.”

Back on July 19, Chuck Norris, too, made it clear he supports Elder, saying in an op-ed for WorldNetDaily, “Golden State voters, I’m convinced Larry Elder is your man.

“If given the chance, he can deliver California and Californians out of Newsom’s pit.”

The martial arts legend added, “Elder has the knowledge.

“He has the experience.

“He is uniquely qualified.

“He has the proven grit, drive, compassion, and leadership abilities.”