Lt. Col. Allen West called out Moloch worshippers in lieu of the Texas Heartbeat Bill banning abortion.

Source: Andrew White

Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Lt. Col. Allen West is calling out the “progressive socialist left” and “delusional” Republicans for “bowing down and worshipping the god of child sacrifice,” otherwise known as Moloch, amid pushback from the Texas Heartbeat Bill that bans abortions after 6 weeks.

Amid leftist pushback against the new Texas law that bans abortions after 6 weeks, Lt. Col. Allen West just called out progressive “Republicans” for “bowing down and worshipping the god of child sacrifice,” Moloch. (READ MORE: Satanic Temple Says ‘Satanic Abortions Are Protected By Religious Liberty Laws,’ Texas Abortion Laws ‘Violate Our Religious Rights’)

“Yeah, I went there, and with just reason. In the Old Testament, God warned the Jewish people to not worship the Baals. And, of course, the story is told early on in the Book of Judges in chapter 2, how the Israelites did indeed, after the passing of Joshua and that generation, fall down and worship the Baals. One of the gods of the Baals was Moloch, the god of child sacrifice,” said West. “Just as George Santayana asserted, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” so here we are in America. Since 1973 and the infamous Roe v. Wade case, the progressive socialist left, and some delusional “Republicans,” are bowing down and worshipping the god of child sacrifice,” the Texas gubernatorial candidate continued.

West described what it really means to “abort” a mission in military terms, highlighting how the concept of “abortion” in America is just manipulated language to mask the fact that over 60 million children have been murdered since Roe v. Wade, including 20 million in the black community alone. (READ MORE: COURT DOCS: Neo-Nazi Satanic Sect Leader Outed As FBI Informant Since 2003, Was Paid Over $140,000 By U.S. Government)

“And, just as in the days of the Baals when babies were thrown into a fire, our unborn babies are being dismembered, limb by limb, in what is supposed to be the safest place for a growing baby, a human life: a mother’s womb,” West said. “It is simple, the left does not want to admit that they are truly supporting infanticide. Please, do not conflate this with instances where a woman’s body is violated: rape and incest. Technology enables us now to debunk the whole “clump of cells” argument. We are talking about life. And, yes, we are talking about a baby that can feel pain, and react to it, any of y’all want to be surgically dismembered? Hmm, I didn’t think so.” (READ MORE: Conan O’Brien Hosts Bohemian Grove’s Variety Show)

“Roe v. Wade started in Texas, and I believe the Lone Star state shall lead in its reversal,” West declared, going on about how leftists all across America are “going ‘stuck on stupid’ apoplectic” since the US Supreme Court upheld the Texas law 5-4. West went further, slamming the “woke fascist corporate oligarchs” for pushing back against the law, finding ways to aid in its circumvention.

“Oh, the ensuing protests about women’s rights. Didn’t hear a freaking peep from these same acolytes of Moloch for the rights of women in Afghanistan!” West said, adding that the systematic murder of unborn children is “an indicator of a demonic obsession for which the Judeo-Christian God once warned against.” (SEE MORE: HE DID IT AGAIN: Biden Aggressively Asks Reporter If Americans Think He’s ‘Sucking The Blood Out Of Kids’)

“Think about it: the Taliban is back in power in Afghanistan and China is a growing hegemony that has infected the world with a deadly virus. The second largest facility for murdering unborn children in the world is located in Houston, Texas . . . the first is in China,” said West. “The disciples of Moloch continue to want to murder unborn babies in the womb, as well as force gender modification procedures upon our children in Texas. There are consequences to these decisions against our children.”

The Bohemian Grove, an elusive elite club whose members include some of the most powerful and influential figures in American politics, business, and media, including the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is home to a 40-foot tall stone statue of what is widely believed to be Moloch, the satanic pagan god of child sacrifice. During a ritual that typically takes place in the second week of July called the Cremation of Care ceremony, the rich and powerful guests of the Grove practice a faux-sacrifice ritual to the statue, as National File reported.

Here is a video from when Infowars host Alex Jones famously infiltrated the Bohemian Grove, filming the bizarre ritual ceremony.