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The son of a woman who was killed in the World Trade Center during the 9/11 terrorist attacks has sent a warning to Democrat Joe Biden that he is not welcome at the 20th anniversary memorial service on September 11.

Speaking to Fox & Friends Monday, Nic Haros Jr., whose mother, Frances, died on 9/11, warned “shameful” Biden “not [to] show his face at Ground Zero on 9/11.”

Biden has “no place there” after he left “thousands of Americans and Afghan supporters” stranded in Afghanistan “to die,” Haros explained.

“I am demanding that President Biden do not show his face at Ground Zero on 9/11,” Haros said, referencing the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

The anniversary will be marked by a ceremony at Ground Zero in New York City, as it is every year.

“It is now holy ground and I really don’t think he has a place there,” he added.

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nic haros jr  warned  shameful  biden  not  to  show his face at ground zero on 9 11
Nic Haros Jr. warned ‘shameful’ Biden ‘not [to] show his face at Ground Zero on 9/11’

“It’s shameful for him, I think, to use the dead bodies as a political prop for his so-called victory lap,” Haros continued.

“He is insensitive and he shows no compassion to the families,” Haros said, apparently referencing claims, made by several families at the Dover memorial service for the 13 victims of the terrorist attack in Kabul, that Biden kept checking his watch as their sons’ and daughters’ bodies came off planes from Afghanistan.

“No Joe, no victory, we are now in the Afghanistan War 2.0,” he added.

“Those resurrected victims kept America safe from harm all those years.

“Biden must not dishonor their grace and patriotism.

“He has none,” Haros said.

Haros then described Biden as the “killer-in-chief” because of the hundreds of Americans, and possibly thousands of Afghans, left behind following the Biden administration’s swift Afghan withdrawal.

“It’s not just 13 killed or the thousands of Americans and Afghanistan supporters left to die,” he said.

“I believe he is complicit in a coming genocide of Americans and Afghans.”

Haros may be the most recent 9/11 family member to voice displeasure at Biden’s possible attendance during the 20th anniversary ceremonies, but he is far from the only one.

the anniversary ceremony will be held at ground zero memorial  as it is every year
The anniversary ceremony will be held at Ground Zero memorial, as it is every year

As The Daily Wire reported previously, many families would prefer Biden skip the ceremony after apparently flaking on a campaign pledge to 9/11 victims to declassify government documents that could shed light on Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks (involvement that Saudi Arabia itself denies).

“We cannot in good faith, and with veneration to those lost, sick, and injured, welcome the president to our hallowed grounds until he fulfills his commitment,” the families wrote in a statement issued in August.

“Since the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission in 2004 much investigative evidence has been uncovered implicating Saudi government officials in supporting the attacks,” they continued.

“Through multiple administrations, the Department of Justice and the FBI have actively sought to keep this information secret and prevent the American people from learning the full truth about the 9/11 attacks.”

“Twenty years later, there is simply no reason — unmerited claims of ‘national security’ or otherwise — to keep this information secret,” the group said.

“But if President Biden reneges on his commitment and sides with the Saudi government, we would be compelled to publicly stand in objection to any participation by his administration in any memorial ceremony of 9/11.”