Source: Nworeport

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was complicit in the massive election fraud in Georgia on November 3rd of last year and on January 5th during the Senate runoff.

Kemp would not call for a special session to allow Georgia more time to decide on its electors. Nor would he call for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election cycle.

The consequences of his actions are the loss of America freedom, sovereignty, and libery for her citizens, who now are subject to Nazi-like mandates to take a gene-altering cocktail of chemicals.

Brian Kemp is directly responsible for this outcome. It is what he worked for.

Now Kemp wants you to think he is angry about Joe Biden’s illegal and tyrannical vaccination mandates.

Kemp is not angry. Kemp just wants to be re-elected.

Brian Kemp will say and do anything to achieve this result.

Don’t believe him, and make sure the traitorous Kemp is thrown out of office as soon as possible.

Brian Kemp can burn in Hell thinking about what he did to the state of Georgia.