Source: FPI 

FPI reported last week that Georgia state officials were in possession of video of 240 Democrat “ballot traffickers” dumping tens of thousands of ballots into drop boxes “in the middle of the night.”

There is evidence that the act was not exclusive to Georgia, reports say.

True the Vote is reportedly analyzing evidence of “ballot trafficking” in the swings states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The activity was also reportedly detected in Texas, which Democrats are working hard to turn blue.

True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht has confirmed that the group is leading the investigation. She told Gateway Pundit: “It was pointed out to me that John Fredericks broke the story on The War Room. You are correct. That’s our project. We are not giving comments about it right now, but stay tuned!”

Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice noted in a Sept. 8 report that True the Vote, in “partnership with lead contractor OPSEC Group, have spent months since the election acquiring over 27 terabytes of data as part of a massive investigation into the 2020 election. The data consists of more than 10 trillion location-based cell phone pings, which allows the team to track the movements of suspected ballot traffickers in six different states.”

Mullins continued: “By setting up “geofences” around drop boxes and other locations, the group has discovered 242 suspected ballot traffickers in Georgia, that went to an average of 23 drop boxes a day during the early voting period, and another 202 suspected ballot traffickers in Arizona. In addition to the cell phone pings they have acquired over a petabyte of video surveillance data. Using proprietary AI-based code their experts have written, they are able to detect motion of an object of a minimum size mass, and then tag the videos for further human analysis.”

Mullins added:

“Some of the videos are purported to show individuals stuffing ballot dropboxes with stacks of ballots, individuals depositing ballots in multiple dropboxes, and unauthorized coordination between government workers engaged in the exchange of ballots. In 2019, HB 316 specifically addressed the issue of ballot harvesting, and was passed by the Georgia General Assembly and signed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. It changed the law to now require that the voter personally mail their ballot or have it delivered by an immediate family member living in the household.

“Individuals cannot come to your door and collect your ballot for you.

“So there is no reason anyone should be depositing ballots into more than one drop box. That would be a crime. This soon to be released footage could leave Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger with some explaining to do after he wrote a letter to Congress in January assuring them his office had investigated all claims of fraud, that Georgia’s election was secure, and encouraged them to certify Georgia’s results.”