This is how America treats its heroes under Joe Biden..

Source: Kelen McBreen

A 74-year-old Vietnam veteran named Pete Lopez died of Covid-19 on Monday after a Houston, Texas hospital refused to treat him with ivermectin as prescribed by his doctor and ordered by a judge.

Lopez’s granddaughter Gabrielle Snider told Fox 26 Houston, “We are taking this time to grieve and process.”

After the war veteran went to a VA hospital, his doctor prescribed the Nobel Prize-winning drug ivermectin, but Lopez was admitted to the hospital before he picked up his prescription.

While at Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, Lopez was put on a ventilator on August 19th.

After the family filed a lawsuit against the hospital, a Fort Bend County judge ordered, “The first administration of Ivermectin to Pete Lopez shall occur today, September 3, 2021.”

ABC13 Houston

However, Memorial Hermann refused to honor the doctor’s treatment or the judge’s order and Lopez died on September 6th.

Devastated by her grandfather’s death, Snider said, “Memorial Herman took away from my grandfather and us, his family, the opportunity to know whether or not that drug would have worked for him. We don’t know if that would have worked. Memorial Herman took that away from us. We will never have that peace.”

Snider and a group of about fifteen individuals gathered outside the hospital on Tuesday to protest the refusal to treat patients with ivermectin.

“We were not trying to dictate a doctor’s orders,” Snider said. “We were simply trying to enforce a prescription he already had.”

Asked to address the death, Memorial Hermann told Fox 26 Houston, “It is important to note that physicians diagnose and treat patients consistent with best medical practices… The FDA has not authorized or approved Ivermectin for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19. Data currently available does not demonstrate that Ivermectin is safe or effective against COVID-19 infection.”

The family did not disclose whether Pete Lopez was vaccinated or not.

ABC 13 covered the family’s struggle on Sunday, just one day before Lopez passed away.

The death of Pete Lopez is on the hands of every media pundit, politician and entertainer who has ridiculed and mocked ivermectin as a dangerous “horse paste” in a propaganda campaign only benefiting Big Pharma and totalitarian government officials.