Source: Simon Black

San Diego Declares COVID Misinformation a Public Health Crisis

The San Diego Board of Supervisors voted to declare misinformation about COVID-19 a public health crisis.

The resolution claims, without providing evidence, that “the unmitigated proliferation of health misinformation has created a culture of mistrust and has prolonged the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that it is the sense of the Board of Supervisors that health misinformation is declared a public health crisis and the County of San Diego should commit to combating health misinformation and curb the spread of falsehoods that threaten the health and safety of our residents.”

In a letter to the Board of Supervisors, Chair Nathan Fletcher explained the plan to essentially build a real world fact-checking regime similar to Facebook and YouTube censors.

San Diego will now “identify and label health misinformation,” implement “targeted community engagement strategies,” “document and trace” misinformation, and “develop a website” to combat public health misinformation.”

San Francisco is piloting a guaranteed income program starting this October. Participants are eligible to be selected if they are at “high-risk” of committing a gun crime.

In addition to the baseline $300, they can earn an extra $200 per month by landing a job interview, meeting with a life-coach, or complying with probation by not breaking the law.

In other words, the people most likely to shoot someone will be paid up to $500 per month not to shoot anyone.

What a great use of tax dollars!

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