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They can’t arrest everyone!

Freedom wins when the people band together to fight totalitarian lockdowns and ridiculous freedom-killing mandates.

Citizens in Sydney Australia have had enough and today hundreds, or maybe even thousands have decided to live again as free people, in defiance of their government’s suffocating covid mandates.


his is Bondi beach right now 11/9. @7NewsSydney @9NewsAUS @10NewsFirstSyd @abcsydney @WestSydHealth @GladysB

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— A MAC (@AlexC0ntreras) September 11, 2021

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The Lockdown has ended through civil disobedience.

Bondi Beach today.
The Lockdown has ended through civil disobedience.
When government failed, the people took things into their own hands to reclaim their lives and their sanity.

— Real Mark Latham (@RealMarkLatham) September 11, 2021

This looks like life in the olden days, you know, like summer of 2019

Bondi Beach 30 minutes ago. Well done @NSWHealth @nswpolice @BradHazzard @GladysB

— Tony Haddad (@_thaddad) September 11, 2021

God bless the freedom fighters. Stand firm, stand together. They can’t arrest everyone!

#NSWmockdown Bondi Beach today.

— 𝙺 🎧 (@PlayTheBaision) September 11, 2021