Source:  Vince Quill

King Biden the III is facing steep opposition to his vaccine mandates……

According to sources, over 27 states now oppose his vaccine mandates, and many other civic groups and unions have begun the process of filing lawsuits as well.

Governors from all over America are speaking out against the blatant tyranny and many expect that more states will join the fight against Biden’s corruption in the days to come:

Several State Attorney Generals also claimed they would go after Biden, and challenge him in court over his unconstitutional vaccine mandates:

Becker News reports:

More than half of the governors or state attorney generals have come out in opposition to President Biden’s federal vaccine mandates that were issued on Thursday. Despite earlier promises to the contrary, the Biden administration issued the most sweeping federal mandates in U.S. history.


Twenty-seven states that have gone on the record in opposition to the federal vaccine mandates.

Mandates will likely cause more opposition to the vaccine as reported by The New York Post:

Two Republican governors who oppose President Biden’s sweeping new COVID-19 vaccine mandate believe the requirement will only harden the resolve of those unwilling to get the jab.

​”​This is a very serious deadly virus, and we’re all together in trying to get an increased level of vaccination out in the population,” Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said on ​NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”​ “The problem is that I’m trying to overcome resistance, but the president’s actions in a mandate hardens the resistance​.”