Source: Jordan Conradson

It was reported that California Republicans were having issues at the polling booths. Many were even told they had already voted even though they had not.

Similar issues were discovered in the Maricopa County canvass, which found that ballots were cast for voters that did not vote (ghost votes), and many ballots were just not counted (lost votes).

MAGA U.S. Senate Candidate Blake Masters in Arizona shared this finding from California to Twitter.

Well what a surprise. All it takes to see how a mail-in voter voted in the CA recall is to shine a weak cellphone flashlight through the back of the envelope.

We’ll probably find all of these Republican votes in trash cans over the coming weeks.

The Democrats will not allow a free and fair recall, otherwise, Larry Elder would win.

This election needs to be audited along with California’s 2020 Presidential Election.