Source: Leisa Audette 

Drone footage from Fox News shows a literal invasion of people from all over the globe at our border with Mexico. Reports are that the mostly Haitian crowd of 8 thousand is waiting under a bridge at the border with Mexico. This swarm of Haitians comes after the assassination of the Haitian leader and an attempt to kill his wife. This raises questions of whether our border patrol could keep this crowd back if they decide to run across the border at once. Remember that illegals invaded Germany a few years ago. The German people had no say in this move by Merkel, and these people were not vetted as the illegals at our border aren’t vetted.

Photo of illegal aliens crossing into Germany

Biden has already accepted over 1.3 million illegals this year. At what point does he close the border? Never? America cannot afford nor should they have to pay for all of these destitute illegals.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has been reporting directly from the border while it’s crickets from all the other mainstream media. Melugin reports that the number waiting to be processed doubled in 24 hours to over 8 thousand

Law enforcement source on the ground at the bridge this morning just sent me this video showing the situation there. I’m told a large majority of the migrants are Haitians and more are crossing into the US and arriving at the bridge by the minute. BP w/ limited manpower @FoxNews

This drone footage comes as it’s being reported that another record number of illegals have been caught at the border.

This is NOT slowing down. While the media has America distracted, we are being invaded.