Source:  Leisa Audette

This morning, new drone footage from Fox News reporter Bill Melugin shows more illegals have amassed at our southern border. Melugin has one word to describe the scene: “Crazy”…

The drone is back up after Biden’s FAA was embarrassed when they forbid the drone to fly over the crowd of illegals, so Melugin used a helicopter to fly over the area. The FAA backed down and allowed the drone to fly again.

Senator Ted Cruz knows what’s going on and that the Biden administration doesn’t want video of the mass of people at the border.

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Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has been the only reporter for mainstream media down on the border. His reporting has been superb.

Now, CNN has finally started covering the literal invasion, but they are calling it a “humanitarian crisis.” This means that they are following the Biden narrative that we must take in these people. This is all Biden’s fault.

Stunning video coverage of illegals crossing:

More video: