Big tech giant Facebook blocked Karen Giorno, a veteran Republican strategist who worked for President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016 and is widely credited for his win in the state of Florida, after Giorno made posts informing her friends and family of the passing of her mother. Giorno was allowed to make the initial posts, but then was prevented from replying to the nearly 1,000 comments made from friends, family, and colleagues expressing their condolences.

Speaking to National File, Giorno explained that, despite being a public figure and a longtime Republican strategist who has worked in Republican politics since Reagan was in the White House, she uses her Facebook primarily to post family updates and inspirational messages to her nearly-5,000 friends, and primarily so her elderly parents could see regular updates on her life. “I don’t have everyone’s personal addresses,” explained Giorno, “That’s what Facebook is for: Community discussion, community support, community. It’s community. If we’re going to use Facebook for the way Facebook intends for their platform to be used, how in the world can they justify that I violated their community standards? There’s not been an, ‘I apologize, this was a glitch, it got caught in an […]

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