Blake Masters, a 34-year-old chief operating officer at investment firm Thiel Capital and native Arizonan, launched his campaign for US Senator from Arizona in July. Since his launch, Blake has appeared on several media hits including The Gateway Pundit and The War Room.

Blake Masters is already a target of the left. Once you listen to him and hear about his ideas you will know why.

For years Blake worked running Peter Theil’s venture capital fund in Silicon Valley. The fund today is worth upwards of $45 billion.

Today Blake is back in Tucson and ready to take on leftist Senator Mark Kelly, a rubber-stamp for the Marxist left in Washington DC.

On Monday Blake Masters joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the Democrats’ spending plan, weak Republicans, the Arizona Senate Audit and Mitch McConnell.

Blake Masters:  We can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing… You can’t keep running trillion-dollar deficits year over year over year… Republicans need to resist.  We need a new generation of leadership in there to call out all this bullshit…

Hee is what Blake had to say on the Arizona forensic audit:
Blake Master:

Blake Masters: Speaking to people here on the ground in Arizona they are excited. The people have been waiting on this audit report for a long time and I think people expect it to find some fraud. And people disagree on the magnitude. But state legislatures have been pretty tight-lipped but they also have kinda let it drop that they expect to see some people in jail after this audit comes out… People say there is no constitutional provision for this. Well, you don’t get to cheat and steal an election. So let’s see what the evidence says. And if the evidence says Arizona there was fraud well beyond the official margin, I think you have to do that.

Via The War Room: