Source: Kelen McBreen

A Tik Tok user flying on an airplane recorded a pair of elderly people wearing masks and face shields cowering in fear because he removed his mask to eat a candy bar.

At the beginning of the clip, a woman sitting in the middle seat shoved the man who was filming.

“Hey! Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me,” he said as the old lady tried to grab at his cell phone. “Relax, relax.”

Talking with who appeared to be her husband, the woman leaned over and refused to even look at the unmasked man.

“Yeah, turn your back away, leave me alone. Quit bugging me,” the man said, adding, “Two old weirdos.”

Libs of Tik Tok, the Twitter page that posted the video, said the encounter was, “The results of a year of fear mongering by the media.”

Last week, comedian and HBO host Bill Maher said something similar when he claimed liberal media “has to take a little responsibility for scaring the shit out of people” when it comes to Covid.

While American children are forced to wear masks in schools, the nation’s elite party without masks unlike the rest of the peasants.