• The Facts:The Italian government approved has made it obligatory for all workers to either show proof of vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery from infection.
  • Reflect On:Does this do anything for the pandemic? Is this grounded in science? Is this about COVID or is something else going on here?

Italy just became the first European country to require all citizens that have a job to have a ‘health pass’ (vaccine passport/vaccine certificate.) The country will require all employees to carry a COVID certificate which will disclose their vaccination status.

Starting in October, any Italian worker that fails to present a valid certificate will face suspension and could have their pay stopped.

The document will be digital or a paper version, and it will also include whether or not a person has recovered from the virus, or tested negative for COVID. It was originally created at the EU level to support intra-European travel, but Italy was among the first countries to also use it as a requirement to enter various venues such as museums, restaurants and gyms.

It’s been emphasized by multiple governments that they will never be able to require citizens to take a vaccine, and that choice will always remain for people. This holds true, but governments are doing everything in their power to make life hard for those who refuse.

Protests against this “green pass” in multiple countries have been ongoing throughout the summer. Despite large and substantial gatherings, these protests have been ignored by many mainstream media outlets. Furthermore, when those who disagree with these measures are acknowledged within the mainstream, they are often labelled as “anti vaccine conspiracy theorists” or ridiculed instead of hearing out what people’s concerns are.

Recently, Israel changed their definition of what it means to be ‘fully vaccinated.’ It went from two doses, to three, with some saying a fourth is on the way. This is another concern some people have is when considering vaccine passports. They will constantly need to be updated and exposed to more vaccinations.

Vaccine requirements have exited the realm of science and entered into the realm of politics. It seems measures taken during this pandemic are not about stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives, but rather an opportunity for the political elite to exercise more power and control over humanity.

Before 9/11, it was the war on drugs. Now it’s corona. It’s ongoing. The so-called security apparatus always produces new narratives of fear conducive to expanding its powers, and 9/11 was one more crisis it tried to exploit.

Nadja Vancauwenberghe.

We must ask ourselves, is what’s happening today really about the virus? Or is the virus being used and capitalized on by powerful people with ulterior motives? Asking these critical questions and exercising critical thinking is of utmost importance in today’s day and age.

It seems with every year that passes, the freedom to ask these questions openly and honestly as journalists is disappearing. Especially if evidence counters the ‘official’ narrative. The ‘thought police’ are out in full force, and above all, they desire the power to regulate what you can and cannot say. This has already come in the form of mass censorship, what’s next?

A few things to consider as we explore what this cultural trend of censorship means on a deeper level. When we seek to control others, especially over conversation like this, are we feeling our own sense of disconnection from self? Our own sense of powerlessness? Perhaps enough that we seek to control others to feel a sense of power?

In all cases of what goes on in our society, there is a lesson to be taken in terms of where culture is tending and right now it seems to be a reflection on connection and control.