Source: Richard Moorhead 

Dave Mustaine, the guitarist and vocalist of thrash metal band Megadeth, called out ‘mask tyranny’ at a show in New Jersey on Wednesday.

Medical mandates and coronavirus authoritarianism have significantly impacted live music, with many musicians deprived of their livelihood in the name of ‘safety’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

But I just wanna tell you how great it is — look around you guys, look to your right, look to your left, and look how wonderful this is,” Mustaine remarked. “We’re all here together, we’re not in f****** bags, you know? We’re not freaking out, and we’re not yelling at people: ‘Where’s your f****** mask?

Where’s your mask, you loud cow?” The musician asked in response to mask nannies, to cheers of the Camden, New Jersey crowd. Fans in attendance shouted patriotic slogans and “F*** Joe Biden.”

See, the thing right now that’s going on, is tyranny,” Mustaine explained. “This is called tyranny. Look it up when you get home. And tyranny isn’t only in government. Tyranny right now is in the schools, and tyranny is in the medical business.

(Mustaine’s remarks on coronavirus tyranny begin around 9:00.)

Mustaine had earlier alluded to the tyranny of mask mandates during a show in Phoenix, Arizona last month. The longtime frontman of Megadeth has released several albums over the course of a lengthy and influential career, including some with strong anti-authoritarian lyrical themes such as 2016’s Dystopia and 1992’s Countdown to Extinction.

We have the power, especially us — heavy metal fans — we have the power to change things,” said Mustaine of national lockdown and coronavirus authoritarianism, before playing ‘Holy Wars’ off of the 1990 ‘Rust in Peace’ album.