Source: The Georgia Record

[This article was written in honor of the military family that stands together by duty in this life and will stand later on together, by Grace, before a throne much more worthy than the government they served.]

The bonds that are forged between military members are often indestructible. Some come through arduous duty, while others arise through the years as fellow Veterans realize how missions overlapped, or through common experience that few people understand. 

In times of national stress, those bonds tend to be reinforced and revisited. Simultaneously, the reasonableness of service to our nation is put to rigorous test. The results of these significant reflections impact all living generations of the military, from the eldest seeking to wisely counsel, to the vital youngest generation deciding whether the volunteer cause still remains as noble as the last.

At this time, service members are being forced to deeply investigate the core of their service oaths and lay them next to their basic American freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution they support and defend. Those educated in the principles of our founding documents are engaging in arduous study aiming to guard their most basic health from potentially dangerous and unjust rules possibly created by acts of tyranny. Keep in mind, they would bravely fulfill their oath to its natural end by blocking tyranny with their bodies. Therefore, forcing them to sacrifice their bodies on the altar of any type of government tyranny is devastating. 

Service members take an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, but because of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, the military may not act as civil enforcement on its own land. There are portions of U.S. Code and the Constitution that prevent them from exercising certain rights. 

In summary, the Constitution limits the power of the government and the military protects the Constitution. Yet, it is the duty of American citizens whose freedom they protect to give them a society whose governance is consistent with the freedoms they have sworn to defend. It is the duty of the citizen to ensure that the government does not run rampant over their freedom. 

American service members and their loved ones across the globe are engaging in a mostly silent battle for their human rights in the face of significant, and varying coercive military tactics to force the vaccines currently in an emergency use authorization (EUA) status from the FDA. No long term studies exist on the legally distinct formulas, so this logically makes our general population and targeted ‘vulnerable’ groups de facto test subjects.

Here are a few of their stories, mostly from the southeastern region of the United States during the past few weeks:

  • Branches of the military are informing their service members that if they will not accept the experimental so-called vaccines, they will be processed out of the military. They may submit a religious or medical exemption but, based on local unit and personal bias, in addition to similarly vague evaluative standards at higher military levels, they may not be approved.
  • Service members exhibit boldness proportional to the vulnerability of their career. Those who are extremely junior and nearing retirement often estimate that they have less to lose, so are willing to be more public with their stance in opposition to the experimental vaccine mandates. At this point, however, it is a largely blind strategy based solely on the personal principles of the service members and their understanding of their basic Constitutional rights.
  • Army soldiers have been told for months that if they do not accept one of the experimental vaccines, then a file will be placed in their medical records saying that they are not deployable, which would be perceived as a self-inflicted career wound of disrespect.
  • A Navy Reserve Pilot is preparing to report for duty and his command has informed him of the vaccine requirements. They tell him that he will be subjected to Article 92 formal counseling, which is failure to obey an order or regulation and more. This is just the first foreseen consequence.
  • An Army Lieutenant Colonel, select, recently stood in a formation designed by unit leaders to force soldiers not willing to receive the vaccination to publicly step out and away from their unit. This is an act aimed at dividing the force and creating shame. At mandatory counseling, albeit by another Lieutenant Colonel, he is verbally abused and called a ‘terrorist.’ Still, his Chaplain signs his exemption and engages other high-level support, but all consequences and discipline remain uncertain.
  • An Air Force Recruiter is finding that as many as 30% of applicants are withdrawing their recruitment applications for ‘refusal to meet entry requirements.’ This is in a region where typically around 40% of eligible men serve in some branch of the military.
  • Former Military Recruiting Leaders are having a difficult time building the pride and confidence to serve in their own children. Service legacy is a massive, key demographic for annual recruitment quotas in all branches of service.
  • A Coast Guard Pilot is seeking a religious exemption after months of pressure and intense family research on his behalf. He stands alongside the Rescue Swimmers in his unit.
  • A Navy Senior Chief, close to retirement, has withstood spotlighting by his unit leaders and vaccine pressure for months. Timely, a case of ‘COVID’ provided him with needed antibodies to delay vaccination until February 2022 with the support of a doctor. He has also gained entry to a year-long government study where he knows he will be in the placebo group, so he has been assured of a ‘pass.’ However, a fellow Naval Officer received an opinion from his flight doc that contradicted the guidance that the study deterred the military mandate, so he decided to fold and accepted the experimental vaccine from the base clinic. This is an example of conflicting local word and bias impacting the health of service members.
  • Military Family Members are having to pay civilian medical fees to receive care and early stage COVID treatments shown to be effective worldwide, because base clinics and hospitals will not prescribe.

An additional problem is that so-called informed consent from the government issuing and government funded product is day-by-day proving to be exponentially inadequate. Worldwide data and vaccine adverse effect reports are growing mountainous. However, ironically, the roots of informed consent arose from the Nuremberg Code in the 1940’s and the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki in 1964 AFTER AMERICAN VICTORY AGAINST WORLDWIDE TYRANNY IN WORLD WAR II.

It is striking and outright sickening that our servicemen and women have become the first categorical victims of, what millions consider, unethical medical programs in which human beings are being forced or coerced to comply with medical experiments. 

The Nuremberg Code became the basis for all modern medical ethics laws and global human rights. Nuremberg and Helsinki principles became widely accepted throughout the entire world, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In addition to Nuremberg and Helsinki, the United States created a National Commission which published the “Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research,” which became known as the Belmont Report and which was ultimately codified into federal law by the Department of Health and Human Services Title 45 CFR par 46. Fourteen other federal agencies joined HHS in this Code and is issued in all Institutional Review Boards by hospitals, clinics, and medical journals.