COVID vaccine tyranny is in full swing with no signs of slowing.

Source: Nworeport

Shocking video captured in Toronto, Canada shows an elderly woman rejected from dining in a McDonald’s because she didn’t have an Orwellian COVID vaccine passport.

The short clip shows an elderly lady claiming she’s been vaccinated trying to present her photo ID to the McDonald’s manager, only to be rejected from the dining room after failing to produce the proper papers.

“I had something stolen, so I have…” the woman says, showing her photo ID to the manager.

“I need to see your vaccine…” the manager replies before noticing the camera recording the interaction. “Will you stop recording me?”

The clip concludes with the manager then walking off as the elderly woman cries out: “I had my vaccine! You can call my doctor!”

The Canadian government announced in August it will require all federal workers and workers in government-affiliated jobs to take the COVID vaccine by the end of September.

The announcement has been met with widespread protests across Canada.

In fact, massive uprisings and protests have been sparked around the globe as governments begin imposing draconian vaccine passport mandates for travel, indoor gatherings and high capacity venues.