Source:  Patty McMurray


Don’t go out in public unless you’re vaccinated.

People who don’t get vaccinated are a menace to society.

“Trump supporters” who don’t get vaccinated are super-spreaders.

Meanwhile, far-left “The View” anti-tax shamer hosts, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, who are both fully vaccinated, have tested positive for COVID.

What about The View staff members who are forced to work around the hosts who are infected with COVID, but because of the vaccination likely had no idea they were infected? Will the American public give them a pass for walking around with COVID and likely spreading it to anyone around them who trusted the vaccination would keep THEM safe?

Watch The View host Joy Behar try to spin her fellow, fully-vaccinated hosts infection:

Here’s a newsflash for all of the vaccination shamers who tell others they are “selfish” for not being vaccinated: If you get a vaccination, you’re getting it to keep YOU safe…not those around you.

Getting vaccinated is a personal choice and should not be done because liberals like Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin bully you into taking the jab.