Joe Biden did not win Arizona in 2020, and the findings of the audit support this.

Still, The MSM is peddling the lie that the Arizona audit proves Biden won—it didn’t.

Upon a surface level look at the results of the vote tally, many would say Biden won, and they wouldn’t be wrong—if the hand recount of ballots even mattered.

What matters here is the amount of illegal ballots cast—not attempting to match the total ballots recounted with the Maricopa results.

According to the Arizona audit report, there were roughly 4x the amount of illegal ballots cast than the margin of victory was for the entire state of Arizona……

This means that the results shouldn’t have been certified in the first place, but we have a fair amount of people who believe the surface level narratives that the MSM peddles.

The MSM is a surface level media industry for surface level people.

Let them say what they want to say, the findings of the audit have been turned over to the office of Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and the coming weeks should be extremely interesting as legal recourse develops.

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