Source: JD Rucker

This was supposed to be a ticked-off rant where I named names of so-called “conservative” news outlets who either reported the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 election proved Joe Biden won or didn’t report on the audit at all. Sadly, it seems that a strong majority of “conservative” sites are joining with every leftist mainstream media outlet in erroneously reporting it that way or ignoring it altogether.

As I dove deeper into it all, talked to some insiders from the ground in Arizona, and analyzed how the reactions have been rolled out through the press and by some Republicans in the Arizona state legislature, I realized this is more than just inconvenient “fake news” that got ahead of the truth. This is a conspiracy that far beyond leftists latching onto a single portion of the audit results.

Some in conservative media were simply duped, but others seem to be well aware of what actually happened. They’re using their reach to misinform their audience, and they have easy cover to do so without getting noticed. It wasn’t just the strategic leak of the draft report from Cyber Ninjas which sent everyone in mainstream media and Big Tech down the path of reporting on the actual ballot hand count long before the Arizona Senate hearing. It was many of the RINOs and fake conservatives in press, the Arizona legislature, and Never-Trumpers in general who were promoting the false narrative.

Across social media I noticed many conservatives were saying things like, “Biden may have won, but…” This is what the powers-that-be wanted so desperately, for conservatives to acknowledge the defeat and accept the Biden-Harris regime. This isn’t new, though. For months, I would say most Republicans and possibly even most conservatives have accepted that something fishy happened but that Biden actually won.

Those of us who have followed the data, witnessed the undeniable obstruction of the audits that included destruction of evidence, and who watched the revelations unveiled during the hearing rather than getting the headline news version from Twitter realize that the audit demonstrated the election was DEFINITELY stolen. Yesterday’s hearing should have been the launching point for audits to begin across the country, and perhaps it will be. But casual patriots and Establishment Republicans who still watch Fox News for their “conservative” insights have no idea what was actually revealed yesterday.

Here are the facts. The hand recount did what those of us who have been paying attention expected it to do. It confirmed that the original counts were not falsified without an accompanying ballot, whether collected before/during the election or manufactured following Election Day. I cannot stress this enough that contrary to what some on the right were saying, this was fully expected. Those who cheated were not dumb enough to fake the numbers. They produced the ballots necessary to match the so-called “victory” by the Biden-Harris ticket.

It’s conspicuous that a quarter of the questionable ballots came in AFTER Election Day even though the total ballots received late represented a minuscule overall percentage of the vote. They got sloppy as they rushed to make up the gap. Their initial cheating before the election was simply not enough to overcome the Trump landslide, so they rushed to recover.

The real juice in this audit was discovering how many ballots were manufactured in order to produce the desired outcome. That’s where it is crystal clear that the election was stolen. As we reported earlier, over 17K envelopes were duplicates. That’s more than enough to justify decertifying the election since the Biden-Harris ticket “won” by around 10K votes. If that was the only evidence of voter fraud that was found, then we could cry foul. But it wasn’t all that was found. Not by a longshot.

According to Kyle Becker:

The official Arizona Senate election audit report is in – and Trump supporters are calling for the state’s 2020 election to be ‘decertified.’  The results showed “57,734 ballots with serious issues were identified.” If those ballots were not counted, that would be far beyond the margin of victory needed to overturn the results of the election. The independent auditors recommended that “the election should not be certified.”

In addition, there were more disturbing findings, according to Cyber Ninjas: A Dominion technician allegedly deleted all of the log files a day before the audit began, while other security lapses abounded. Trump supporters and election integrity advocates exploded at the findings on Twitter.

Twitter was loaded with perspectives, many of which highlighted some of the many key findings in the audit hearing. Propaganda Sniper noted, “Despite poor password management by Maricopa County officials, the forensic audit team was able to identify the individual who erased the digital paper trails…but they will only release that name (or names) to the authorities.”

“Suzy” said, “Clear intentional overwriting of security logs from EMS account. 2/11/ 21- 463 entries overwritten. 3/3/21 – 37,686 entries overwritten. 4/12/21 – 330 entries overwritten. They have identified the individual not disclosed at this time!”

Liz Harrington observed, “Maricopa County fraudulently ‘verified and approved’ mail-in ballots that had NO signature THEN multiple ballots were approved with the same exact name and address, matching signatures, but DIFFERENT voter IDs.”

This is just a sampling. There were dozens of data points presented during the hearing that point to massive, widespread voter fraud. The team behind yesterday’s hearing did a decent job of getting the reports out, but here’s the thing. One can argue that it was NOT done in a way that was intended to highlight the evidence that could call into question the results of the 2020 election. Instead, it was positioned as a data dump to serve a very different purpose.

It seems clear the Senate GOP’s goal was to spark legislation to fight future voter fraud instead of challenging the voter fraud that has already taken place. If their goal was demonstrate Maricopa County experienced massive cheating, they would have handled it all very differently.

Why did they do it on a Friday when inconvenient big news is dumped ahead of the weekend? Why didn’t they have opening and closing statements that declared there were over 50K extremely questionable ballots cast, the vast majority of which seemed to favor the Biden-Harris ticket? Why would they not immediately attack the early reports from the day before that the audit proved Biden won?

The answers, unfortunately, are that outside of people like Wendy Rogers and a handful of others involved, Republicans in the Arizona legislature didn’t really want to expose the stolen election. They wanted a predicate to put forth legislation that would aid themselves in future elections. The presentation of the audit demonstrates that many of the “good guys” involved were not only failing to do what was expected of them by voters, but were actively working against the natural conclusions one should draw from the data revealed in the audits.

I wish I could confidently say this will all add fuel to the fire driving patriots to demand more accountability, more revelations, and eventual decertification of the elections. That’s exactly what should be happening, but if the real narrative from the audit is not amplified, then too many will simply accept our fate and move on. This is why I was so disappointed in conservative media yesterday.

There were notable exceptions. The Gateway PunditWestern JournalNational File, and a handful of others did excellent work reporting on the real audit bombshells. Most larger conservative news outlets failed miserably by either reporting the falsehoods or failing to report on it at all.

The false narrative of the Biden-Harris regime being “vindicated” by the Arizona audit must be debunked. Mainstream and even most “conservative” media won’t do it. It’s up to YOU to spread the truth.