Source: Free West Media

Harvard Business School has been forced to move classes for all first-year and some second-year MBA students online, following a spike in Covid-19 cases among their fully-vaccinated student body.

In order to attend lectures at HBS, Covid-19 vaccination has been mandatory for all students. The school however tried to attribute the outbreak to “off-campus social gatherings” which makes no sense, since the same students were “required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 prior to coming to campus”. Why would vaccinated students fall ill, because according to their own vaccine propaganda, these shots “protect”.

In an email to all MBA students on Thursday, it was noted that first-year students made up roughly 75 percent of positive cases.

“We are a complete outlier among Harvard schools in our numbers. MBA students comprise roughly 9 percent of the student population at the University, but have accounted for more than two-thirds of total student cases in September. Our positivity rate is 12 times that of the rest of Harvard,” the HBS Dean Srikant M. Datar noted.

The University’s Covid-19 dashboard shows that over the past seven days, 60 of the 74 positive reported cases have been vaccinated graduate students.

The HBS have since decided to call for indoor mask mandates: “These distressing figures are so high that they have attracted the scrutiny of local public health officials. Our community can and must do better,” the email continued, urging students to halt all unmasked, indoor social activities.

On Sunday, the administrators sent an email to all MBA students that classes would be moved online. HBS students are now also expected to test three times a week, mirroring the increased testing requirement for undergraduate students living on campus announced earlier this month.

The total number of cases this semester have jumped by 20 percent in “just the three days” since their Thursday email. By shifting to remote learning for a week, they said they hope to stop further transmission until they can identify and isolate all cases in order to get back to a “clean slate”.

The administrators admitted in their statement that the fully-jabbed Harvard Business School was experiencing far more Covid cases than other Harvard schools, and blamed the “Delta variant”.

“There is something about the way we at HBS interact that makes our MBA community susceptible to the Delta variant. This seems unique to HBS; we have a far higher rate of infection than other Harvard schools.”

HBS spokesperson Brian Kenny said on Monday that contact tracers have determined that the virus was not spreading in classrooms or among masked individuals.

In Thursday’s email, the HBS administrators had blamed the surge on “numerous unmasked, indoor activities — everything from sharing an Airbnb for the weekend, to dinner gatherings in an apartment, to larger parties”.

Sadly, the tale of two states in India is not being discussed by the mainstream media nor by this school which purports to be educating “leaders”: In Uttar Pradesh with a vaccination rate of less than 5 percent, Covid has disappeared. In Kerala, the state continues to see a high number of cases and deaths despite a jab rate of 70 percent.

The difference may also be naturally acquired immunity since Uttar Pradesh has had 80 percent of its population infected, while Kerala has had less than 50 percent.

In the UK, men were previously infected a little more often than women, but since summer almost 2 women have been infected for each male. Unmiraculously, this too correlates with a higher vaccination rate in women.