Source: by JD Rucker

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been a leading voice against Covid tyranny both in Canada and during a 4-month tour across the United States. But when he returned to Canada yesterday, his place was diverted to prevent him from landing in front of his family who awaited him.

Instead, he was arrested and taken to an unknown location. His family has been kept in the dark about charges and currently do not know his whereabouts.

According to John Di Lemme from Conservative Business Journal:

My dear friend Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested AGAIN as he arrived back into Canada. A large group of his family and friends were waiting for him to arrive; however, the Canadian police diverted his plane so the cowards could arrest this Man of God out of the view of cameras.

Pastor Pawlowski’s family was locked out of the police remand center and denied information on his arrest. Listen to my conversation with Cindy Chafian, representative for Pastor Pawlowski, about his arrest and his whereabouts being unknown…

Canada’s draconian policies regarding Covid-19 have been as harsh and even harsher than what we’re experiencing in the United States. Their police state mentality isn’t quite a match for Australia’s, but they’re getting closer to being a full medical dictatorship every day.

We will monitor the story and update it once more is known about where the pastor was taken. Here are stories from the past few months that detail his recent adventures:

We pray that Pastor Pawlowski is safe and is returned to his family soon. The Canadian government will try to make an example of him, so it’s very possible he will be detained indefinitely.