Fake news king accidentally reveals his doubts about COVID vaccine’s effectiveness.

Source: Jamie White

CNN’s potato-in-chief Brian Stelter was ridiculed on Tuesday for claiming that unvaccinated people who don’t trust mainstream media are putting vaccinated people at risk.

“An unvaccinated minority that doesn’t watch the news or trust the news is putting the vaccinated majority at undue risk. There’s no way around that reality,” Stelter tweeted.

If the mRNA injection is so effective, why would vaccinated individuals still be panicking over these vaccine holdouts?

Sounds like Stelter himself is skeptical about the effectiveness of the COVID injection.

Stelter included a column lamenting how vaccine skeptics don’t trust cable news pundits giving personal medical advice.

“When a columnist or a TV news anchor makes a heartfelt comment about the importance of getting vaccinated, does any unvaccinated adult read it or see it or notice? I highly doubt it. The average news junkie was vaccinated months ago. The holdouts are not watching CNN or reading Reuters,” Stelter whined.

Stelter’s backwards scientific logic was quickly ratioed on Twitter:

“‘My vaccination keeps me from getting seriously ill and your refusal to get vaccinated puts me at risk.’ I can’t imagine why so many people wouldn’t trust the news,” mocked 2020 Libertarian VP candidate Spike Cohen.

“The interesting part of your statement is NOT about the unvaccinated. It is ‘the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated at risk’! It is the first time in medical history that “vaccinated are at risk”. UNvaccinated should be at risk, but vaccinated? It should make you rethink,” one user noted.

“It’s likely just the opposite, increased viral loads, undetected infection and transmission happening among the vaccinated. But a vaccinated that doesn’t read scientific studies or data nor trusts expert vaccinologists wouldn’t understand this,” another said.

Critical race theory critic Christopher Rufo noted that blacks are the largest unvaccinated demographic, destroying the CNN narrative that most vaccine skeptics are white male Trump supporters.

Others pointed out that the media is partly responsible for America’s widespread distrust in COVID medical advice.

A point to consider: why would vaccine skeptics listen to the advice of a cable news network that openly hates them?

This is a bad-faith argument by CNN considering it has been one of the networks constantly calling for forced inoculations.