Source:  Leisa Audette

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats want to throw the dignity of work out the window with a ‘Build Back Better’ Socialist agenda. Pelosi just spoke at her weekly press conference, saying she is determined to pass the “transformative” socialist agenda of a multi-trillion dollar boondoggle. It includes free community college and other freebies that they claim will cost “zero dollars.” A big lie!

Senator Joe Manchin called the bill “fiscal insanity.”

Biden has used the term ‘Build Back Better’ for his boondoggle bill that will cost $3.4 trillion. This will do nothing but cause America to be more in debt because of freebies stacked into the bill. This spending bill will have a huge impact on Americans in the form of higher taxes for EVERYONE! Inflation is a tax increase on every American.

Why not let Americans keep more of their money?