Source: by CD Media Staff

CDMedia has been talking with senior IT executives in Silicon Valley and cyber experts all morning — many have stated the issues Facebook and others are experiencing look to be the work of a sophisticated cyber attack.

This could also be a response to the Pandora Papers being leaked which implicated Russian President Vladimir Putin in corrupt offshore money deposits.

“They have very strict instruction manuals for performing admin work at this level of routing. No way someone f’ed up. It was a deliberate cyber attack”, declared a senior Silicon Valley source.

There are massive outages affecting large ISP’s & even sections of internet backbone. Some DNS servers like Cloudfare/Amazon are affected. In addition it appears that Root DNS servers were breached & records destroyed, and onsite network/server compromises occurred for companies like Facebook. Outages being tracked in North America, South America, Europe & Asia, wrote Harold Wren Telegram channel.

Other reports declared hackers ‘stole the Facebook domain name’.

Bank of America and other banks are now experiencing issues in addition to Facebook, Instagram, GMail, Twitter, WhatsApp and others.

Whats really going on? Seems to be spreading to all sectors now, added Wren.