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Seismic activity is slowly moving towards the southern part of La Palma. This is where a giant landslide could trigger a devastating tsunami.

Within the last 2 days, more than 115 earthquakes have been located in the southern area of ​​the island of La Palma. Twelve of them were felt by the population and even four reaching an intensity III-IV in the epicentral zones. The largest earthquake, a M3.7, occurred at 19:14 UTC yesterday evening.

115 earthquakes in the southern area of La Palma
Earthquake swarm hits south part of the isalnd of La Palma – Tsunami ahead? Map via IGN

Something big is brewing! This guy even suggests a new volcano could soon start erupting on the southern part of the island… Terrifying, no?

As in previous days, the depths of the hypocenters are between 10-15 km with the exception of 6 earthquakes that hit at greater depths (30-36 km). This new swarm rattles the same area as the seismic series in 2017, 2018 and 2020.

The mean amplitude of the volcanic tremor has presented has presented different pulses in the last two days, coinciding with the moments in which the activity on the surface intensified.

The column height measured at 5:30 UTC is 4,500 m, a similar value on the previous days.

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma is now erupting even more aggressively after weeks of gushing lava, Spain’s Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) said Sunday.

Lava from the La Palma volcano has reportedly increased the size of the island on the western shore by 30 hectares. Streams of lava have been spilling into the Atlantic Ocean following the eruption.

The volcano’s activity “continues to be intense” and a new crater was discovered Saturday, the Canary Islands government and IGN said in a joint statement.

The Canary Islands Institute of Volcanology (Involcan) has shared this video of the damage caused by what it refers to as “volcanic bombs” being released by the erupting Cumbre Vieja, amid significant explosive activity in the volcano.

“It doesn’t look like it’s close to ending yet, because of the millions of cubic meters of lava that the volcano is throwing out,” said Canary Islands President Ángel Víctor Torres at a press conference Sunday.

More than 1,000 homes have been destroyed since the volcano first erupted, according to the IGN. The volcano’s earlier emissions also sent clouds of steam, smoke and toxic gases into the sky, forcing local residents into lockdown.

So do you think this latest seismicity in the south of the island means another crater is about to open up and that this new erupting spot could trigger a landslide so huge it will produce a cataclysmic tsunami that will destroy parts of Africa, Europe and America? I do!

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